Road Closure information

In order for us to hold the procession we must close the roads to ensure the safety of those participating as well as those who come to see the spectacular sights.

We  are granted closure orders by the local authorities in order to stage our carnival.

The A38 has a contraflow put in place on the Friday evening from about 20:00 onwards between Thurloxton Fruit Farm and the Shearston turning (usually a dual carriageway), for the overnight storage of the participant’s magnificent mounted creations.

We also are allowed to close Moon Lane (except for access for the residents) to safely store some of the smaller spectacular floats.


The main road closures on the A38 are put in place at 1730 hours on the Saturday evening and will remain in place until it is safe to re open the route, probably by 2300 most will have been lifted, but please be patient if the route you wish to use is still closed, it’s for the safety of all concerned, including you.

The dispersal area on the A38 between the Huntworth roundabout and the Showground roundabout closes at about 20:00 on the Saturday evening and is often the last stretch of road to re-open.

We try and update our Twitter and Facebook pages with actual conditions and updates over the course of carnival day and during/after the procession.

Those directly affected by the road closure will receive a copy of the below notice, hand delivered by Committee members to their letterbox.

If you have any queries please e-mail

Carnival is one of the Town’s traditional events, please enjoy the spectacle and please work with the marshals to ensure that we have a safe event which we can hold for many more years to come.