Carnival Postponed

So Saturday 14th November 2020, should have been Carnival Day here in North Petherton. But it was a day of reflection for all involved with putting on our carnival. 

North Petherton Carnival Committee along with the other 7 County towns took the heart-wrenching decision back in May to postpone carnival 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic.

North Petherton Carnival Committee are committed to keeping carnival safe, not only for the general public but the carnival entries, official and our committee members 

Covid-19 has hit carnival hard, with clubs and committees alike not being able to fund raise with the loss of such events as The Glastonbury Festival, The Godney Gathering and The Watchet Music Festival.

After a final Committee meeting, which of course would have involved a hearty breakfast the committee and its helpers would have started to put into place the final preparations for this year’s Grand Parade. Lots of carnival entries with bright and colourful costumes and lots of energy from everyone taking to the streets of North Petherton

The line-up area should have been filled with the hustle and bustle of road crews making small repairs and adjustments to carts. Tractors and generators being refreshed with fuel and lighting and music checked.

Committee members erecting crowd barriers, check road signage and sorting food for all the marshals, collectors, judges the committee members and helps. Collection carts being moved and walking entries starting to arrive in their designated areas.

All carnival clubs, masquerades and town committees have found it difficult this year and we all hope that we can come back stronger and better than ever in 2021.

We are also aware of the impact the postponement of Carnival will have on local businesses and the charities that come and collect at our Carnival. If you can help please see our page and support those who we usually


North Petherton Carnival Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people and companies that have so generously supported us over the years and to thank all the people that travel from far and wide to help us put on out carnival extravaganza.

We would hope to see you all in 2021, God willing.

Brian Perren



Finally, and most importantly, we wish to protect our NHS and not arrange an event that has the potential to spread this deadly virus and overload our local NHS.

Stay safe and please protect our NHS