Route and Parking information


North Petherton Carnival     


A38 Road closures from 17:30

Procession Start time 19:00

For any queries  not answered here or on other pages of our website please either use the contact us box below  or e-mail

Coach Parking can be booked in advance – Please contact us 

Car & Motorhome parking 

Car Parking – Various sites including North Petherton Ruby Club (A38 near to the start) and the Sedgemoor Auction / Market Centre off the A38 Bridgwater Road and Moto Services (Huntworth side, north side by finish).

There is no specific parking for the less able, please use the available car parks, which have links to the procession route.

Motorhome parking is available in the vehicle parks – Market Car Park, North Petherton Bowling Club and Moto Services.

Be careful if you use any other areas for parking as many of the hotel or business car parks have ANPR controlled parking and are rigorously enforced by the operators if a non authorised vehicle is parked in their car park.  

Please do not park on the route, motorway or slip roads or between the line up area and the start of the route.

Please contact us if you have any queries on the route / parking.

Along the length of the procession route numerous food stalls will be in place to help keep you fed with hot food and drinks, during the couple of hours that it may take for the procession to arrive and pass by you and the crowd around you..

Please remember that the procession can include loud music and protect your hearing and that of young children with appropriate ear protectors.


Click on the below  route map for a clear and enlarged version

Please remember that Carnival often takes up to two hours to pass a point on the route and is often very noisy with loud music, so protect the hearing of young people with ear defenders.

We will try and update via the marshals on the progress of the procession, but please be patient and ask the nearest one if they can update you.

Sometimes there are incidents on the route out of our control, or with the procession participants that slow or hold up the progress from the Start through to the Finish. 

If you are unable to stand out in the November weather for several hours then please bring a foldable seat with you, wrap up well and enjoy the spectacular procession.


Please give generously, as without financial contributions, either by way of donations or sponsorship we will not be able to continue to give North Petherton an annual Carnival procession.





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